Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 drum software – our personal highlights

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 drum software – our personal highlights

Back in May, a few of us from Time+Space were among some of the lucky guests to be invited to Toontrack’s unveiling of their next generation drum software at Galaxy Studios, and oh boy, it has been so hard keeping shtum about it since! Superior Drummer 3 is an incredible leap forward in virtual drum production that we simply couldn’t wait to tell everybody about so, this week, there are sighs of relief all round that we can finally stop talking in secret code words and reveal exactly what the true kings of virtual drums have been working on over the past few years…

When our copy of Superior Drummer 3 arrived at T+S HQ a few weeks ago, desks were abandoned in haste as everyone piled into the studio to hear it for themselves. The rustling of tumbleweeds blowing across the empty office was engulfed by the almighty sound of world-class drums reverberating through the studio walls.

Several weeks on, that same enthusiasm and excitement about Superior Drummer 3 remain as we’ve delved deeper into its new features and the incredible possibilities it brings to us as music producers. Here’s a pick of our favourite features in the words of some of the T+S team…

Jed Hutchison, Technical Sales

Jed Hutchison, Technical SalesOne of the many new features of Superior Drummer 3 that stand out to me, are the all new Macro controls. Accessed via the ‘Macro Control’ button in the bottom left of the Drums tab, you can assign multiple parameters to one or more macro knob. Any Fader, slider or knob in Superior Drummer 3 can be custom assigned to a single macro controlTo quickly assign a parameter to a macro control. Right-click your chosen parameter and select ‘bind to macro’. Or open the macro properties and record with the touch of a button.

This not only opens a world of creative possibilities in a studio setting but also offers greater control in a live performance scenario.”

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Jamie Farrington, Tech Support/Product Specialist

Jamie Farrington, Tech Support/Product SpecialistI’m a big fan of the all new Property Boxes shown on the right hand side of the ‘Drums’ tab in SD3; here you can find an easily accessible, useful set of tools that can be used to shape the sound of individual drum hits in extreme detail. Reverse, Humanize, Pitch FX, Hi-Hat CC & extensive MIDI mapping features are amongst some of the many modules included. I’ve found this to be a huge help when I’m looking for a very particular drum sound as I can find a preset to use as a starting point then go in and further adjust it to suit my needs!

Garrick Wareham, Content Marketing Specialist

Garrick Wareham, Content Marketing SpecialistI’m excited for the extra workflow features on SD3. Being able to separate tabs into different windows is absolutely amazing. I can tweak the samples in one window, and look at the in-plugin mixer window to see how it’s reacting, and how it changes the dynamics of the channels in real-time. I can also instantly see how the compressors and gates interact with each sample without having to swap tabs all of the time. When I’m done I just have to close the main plugin window and I’m back to my project. Perfect.”

Jack Hale, Product Specialist

Jack Hale, Product SpecialistFor drum takes that have not gone to plan; the sound isn’t right or you’ve got microphone clipping – the new tracker function you able to utilities SD3’s large sound variety (as well as all of the extensions), but to the drum recordings you have prior undertaken. By simply dragging and dropping your audio into the new user interface, SD3 is able to not only detect which drum is which, it is able to place a midi note to each drum hit including the velocities, so that a realistic performance is built with ease. You can further edit these MIDI tracks by selecting the timbre, drums kits, (which is fully customisable), note quantising and many more edit functions.

What features of Superior Drummer 3 are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below!

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