We talk to Wavelet Audio's Evgeny Emelyanov

We talk to Wavelet Audio's Evgeny Emelyanov

We recently welcomed Wavelet Audio to the T+S store with their acclaimed Kontakt instruments including Cabal 8 and Senfine. Here we talk to Founder Evgeny Emelyanov to find out more about Wavelet Audio, his own background and what makes their products stand out from the crowd...

Hi Evgeny, tell us about Wavelet Audio – how did it all start?
Let’s start with the fact I was a student and studied applied mathematics. I’ve always been obsessed with math and programming. But at the same time, I’ve always loved music and composing. One day I decided to combine both into something bigger so I started to program audio toys for me and other companies, for instance, I was a technical director and a programmer in KeepForest for about two years. A couple of years later myself and a friend of mine – Ksay Mentor – founded Wavelet Audio.

Wavelet Audio Evgeny Emelyanov

What is your personal background?

Sometimes I listen to the interviews of other composers and musicians. And many of them say that they started to make music even before their birth. Haha. Like music has always been a huge part of their lives. It is not a story of my life. I became interested in music and guitar playing in 2003 when I was 12. ~round the same time, I bought my first book about programming – I have no idea why I did that because I even did not have a personal computer to practice! But now I have a degree in applied mathematics, I play Rock in a local band and make music for trailers, TV and production companies. For example, my music and sound design were used in this trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDPf9fZl4Bs

Wavelet Audio Cabal 8 cover image

Senfine and Cabal are very different products, could you tell us about the reasons you decided to develop them?
Ambient/post-rock is one of my favourite genres. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to develop Senfine as a first instrument. At the same time, I and Ksay Mentor are huge fans of the Doom soundtrack by Mick Gordon and I remember we were not fully satisfied by other guitar libraries and their features. So, one day we decided to buy an 8-string guitar and started to experiment with the sound. The result is Cabal 8.

Could you tell us more about the production of Senfine?
In the beginning, we had to understand how it should look like in general. What is the atmosphere of the library? Every library should have its own atmosphere behind the product box. It helps the composers to find inspiration and new ideas while working with the instrument. After that, we needed to decide what instruments we need to record/design. Then we invited talented musicians to come to our studio and started recording/sound designing and post-production processes. Simultaneously I and our designers were developing the engine. Code, GUI. It may sound a bit simple and easy-to-do but we met tons of roadblocks on our way.

Wavelet Audio Senfine main interface

What were those roadblocks and how did you overcome them?
It’s a good question. For example, sometimes people can get «lost» and then ignore us without any reason. Also, I think there are two ways through life — the way of quality and the way of quantity and every company has to choose which one it follows. We chose a way of quality. Because of this sometimes we were not fully satisfied with the results. We had to resample and process the samples again and again. 
What would you say makes Senfine stand out from other atmospheric libraries?
Before the development process, we asked ourselves and other composers what instruments were needed. Firstly, Senfine has a bunch of unique instruments — like ready-to-use Tremolo guitar and Atmosphere Designer. Secondly, it has everything you need to make atmospheric tracks. Plus, every instrument sounds and works great from out of the box. Take a look at the demos. All of them are naked which means no third-party instruments were used.

Wavelet Audio Senfine Mixer page

Cabal 8 is your most recent release, can you tell us more about how you recorded and produced the instrument?
No magic here. We bought a guitar and upgraded it to our needs. Then we started to record the instrument step-by-step. Sample-by-sample. It’s hard work because we recorded and edited everything with our own hands with no automatisation.
From the very onset, we had an understanding that some of the composers/musicians do not have time or skills to process the 8-string guitar correctly. That’s why we also decided to additionally create the Elements series where Cabal 8 is already processed and ready-to-use.

What makes Cabal 8 unique compared to other guitar software instruments?
We have a list of unique features:
  • The unique algorithm of the portamento slide. You can control all aspects of portamento: speed, starting and ending positions, what noises will be present.
  • The possibility to disable certain strings from the instrument. CABAL 8 will automatically reallocate the load to the remaining strings, if possible.
  • The possibility to tune each of the strings. That allows you to customise the instrument to any desired guitar tuning.
  • Possibility of detailed equalisation. You can equalise the whole instrument or even a specific articulation of a separately selected string.
  • Keyswitch Mode, in which you can flexibly adjust the string selection for each note using velocity.
  • The possibility to configure articulations routing map, sending them to certain buses.

Cabal 8 main interface

What styles of music would you say Cabal 8 is most suitable for?
Cabal 8 was presented as something hard and aggressive with dark colour tones and big pentagram. But Cabal 8 is clean DI recorded. It means it is suitable for work in various styles. Don’t limit yourself with only hard music genres. Anyway, in my opinion, the musicians who work with Djent, Thall, Trailer music genres would be most interested in Cabal 8.

Do you get much chance to play or create your own music these days? What types of music are your favourite to produce?
Yes, I have music-making requests nowadays from production companies and TV. But unfortunately, I do not have much time to make a lot of music. Last full track I did was a demo for Senfine :)
I think I do not have a favourite genre but the music should be atmospheric. It can be dark ambient or trailer music.

Finally, are you currently working on any new products? Anything you can tell us about?!
We do a lot of programming work for other companies. And, yes, we are working on our own products too, but I can not say anything!