What do Slumdog Millionaire and Time+Space have in common?

What do Slumdog Millionaire and Time+Space have in common?

Four Golden Globes, seven Baftas, five Critics’ Choice awards and eight Oscars have meant Danny Boyle’s independent smash hit film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is no doubt the most talked about film of the year so far.

Among the heap of awards which include Best Film and Best Director, the movie was honoured with the BAFTA for Best Music and the Golden Globe for Best Original Score. The eight Oscars included Best Original Score and Best Original Song (for Jai Ho) and it’s all thanks to the highly acclaimed film composer, record producer and musician, A. R. Rahman.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest film composers ever, Rahman has sold more than 100 million records of his film scores and soundtracks worldwide and is credited with increasing the popularity of Indian film music the world over. It comes as no surprise then that he is dubbed the ‘Mozart of Madras’.

Filmed in the streets and slums of Mumbai, India, Boyle needed just the right music to compliment the film´s cinema verité urban realism. An excerpt from the soundtrack CD’s blurb reveals the powerful impact the soundtrack has on the film right from the start…

“…Rahman has conjured the sound of a city, blending the hectic scramble of daily life in Mumbai, India into beautiful fugues that ride upon the dust clouds kicked up by its everyday people.

From the movie´s first frames --- with children racing through alleyways, knocking over merchants and pottery, police kicking loose clay roof tiles, disrupted birds fluttering from gutters -- we hear the sound of their commotion made manifest in "O... Saya." It´s a rumbling hybrid of Bollywood and hip-hop, a brand new collaboration between Rahman and M.I.A. It´s the kind of cinematic moment where image and sound coexist. And that´s only the first five minutes.”


Rahman, who planned the score for Slumdog Millionaire over the course of two months and completed it in just two weeks, is a friend, colleague and client of Philtre Labs – the Indian-based sample developers who presented us with the hugely popular Bollywood Grooves – (which is used in some Slumdog tracks), and the recently released Bollywood Elements. In fact, his engineer and programmer, Deepak P.A, who also worked on the Slumdog tracks, works as an editor with Philtre Labs!

With credits such as these and being based in Mumbai itself, it’s easy to understand why Philtre Labs is regarded as one of the most authentic, high-quality Bollywood sample providers in the world.

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Here at Time+Space, we were also excited to learn that longtime Spectrasonics user Rahman used Stylus RMX in the production of the ‘Slumdog’ score. One of the most popular and widely-used virtual instruments in the world, Stylus RMX offers a quick and easy way to creatively assemble incredible sound grooves in all the popular host sequencers and, like all Spectrasonics products has been used in the creation of numerous well-known film scores, tv shows and Top 10 hits!

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It’s clear that the popularity of the Bollywood genre within music is growing steadily and with the seamless fusion of hip-hop within several tracks of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack this unique sound will surely begin to appear more and more across many styles of music as producers turn to this genre for inspiration in their own tracks.

And to kickstart that inspiration, we’ve created a special page packed with our sample library and virtual instrument recommendations for making Bollywood/Indian-style music!

Excerpts from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack can be found at amazon.com by clicking here.