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Heavyocity - Punish - Music Tech Magazine


"The large central control allows for multiple parameters from the various sections to be modulated by adjusting a single parameter.

This is not just a wet/dry control (which is also included) but works in a similar way to the macro control functionality of Native Instruments’ Massive and Xfer’s Serum, meaning you can set the parameters you would like to link, and also set their range of control.

This ability is Punish’s raison d’être, and something we’d not seen before in an effects plug-in. We initially felt that the $199 asking price was rather on the steep side compared to the price of iZotope’s Trash 2, for example, but when you take into account the fact that six pieces of analogue gear have been meticulously modelled by Heavyocity to create the plug-in, it doesn’t feel like terrible value.

A nice addition was the high-pass feature that allows low frequencies to be ignored by the compressor below a set frequency – great for material with a booming low end that would otherwise cause obvious ducking and pumping effects.

Overall, the processing options offered up by Punish are nothing pioneering, but the ability to have five effects (if you include the limiter) in one plug-in, only taking up one slot in your mixer, is a huge plus in itself. The analogue-modelled effects sound great and the ability to manipulate, and therefore automate, as many parameters as you wish with a single control is very useful indeed"

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