Amp up your tracks with two new Overloud TH3 products: Rock and Metal

Amp up your tracks with two new Overloud TH3 products: Rock and Metal

Audio tools experts Overloud have just released two special TH3 versions dedicated to rockers and metal players. TH3 Metal Collection and TH3 Rock Collection contain a wealth of presets and a selection very realistic guitar amp models and cabinets and are available now...

Here´s a little more info about each one...

TH3 Rock Collection

Includes 80 presets designed to recreate the tone of your favourite Rock artists with just one click. From pristine clean ballads to heavy hard rock sounds! Each module has been meticulously tweaked to give players complete control over their tone.

Along with the 12 specially selected guitar amps and 12 cabinets, this epic collection also features 16 pedal and rack effects as well as 18 different microphone models; a versatile collection for serious rock lovers!

TH3 Metal Collection

Again, packed with a total of 80 fresh presets for your metal shredding needs. Whether you are into classic Hard Rock, Extreme Metal or anything in between - TH3 Metal collection will take you to tone heaven without having to carry the gear.

Consists of amps, cabinets and killer effects, some of which have been approved by original manufacturers Randall® and Brunetti®, to give you that true original sound. With the intelligent MIDI processing, you will also be able to set up your own floorboard of amps and effects and control it all from any connection you choose, using MIDI connect. This is a must-have for all you metal heads out there!

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