New! Gothic Instruments DRONAR Metal and Glass

New! Gothic Instruments DRONAR Metal and Glass

Hot on the heels of DRONAR Brass last month, Gothic Instruments has announced the release of their eighth DRONAR module – Metal and Glass.

Recorded and processed by sound designer extraordinaire Alessandro Camnasio, the sounds for this module were all derived from bowing and hitting metal and glass objects. The result is an incredible collection of sounds that can be played in the award winning DRONAR engine to create hypnotic, evolving atmospheres, isolating, eerie textures and shimmering, ambient pads.

DRONAR Metal and Glass is ideal for composers creating soundtracks for thrillers, sci-fi, mystery, dramatic documentaries and sophisticated horror productions.

Anyone producing cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks will also find this module extremely useful for creating unusual, interesting pads and textures.

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