NEW RELEASE: KeepForest AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit

NEW RELEASE: KeepForest AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is the latest addition to the Keepforest's successful AizerX series. Inspired by the atmosphere of the cyberpunk world, this new library offers a lot of character and personality with a cinematic futuristic vibe that perfectly captures the philosophy of the genre.

AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit offers the signature sound randomising feature, delivers a deep library of samples from classic braams, trailer hits, signals, alarms to screaming resonators and distortions.

The centrepiece of the AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is a selection of tempo-synced drum loops, hybrid pulses, and stems of different categories. You can create variations of energetic, dynamic drum and pulse patterns at different tempos, varying among themselves and combining individual sound layers. 

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