NEW RELEASE: Sound Dust Choirpool

NEW RELEASE:  Sound Dust Choirpool

Choirpool is a non-human choir module sampled from 90s voice-modeling hardware, vocoding, chaotic tape-warble - and absolutely no real voices.

Inside is a 2.7GB Kontakt instrument based on samples from the ancient Roland VC2 voice modelling and vocoding card, recorded through WA Tone Beast preamps and a Strymon DECO tape module. A total of 33 snapshots gives you a great starting point in the use of Choirpool. 

Finally, there is full ADSR control, an XY pad to control the Filter, Tremolo, Convolution and EQ FX, and a forwards/revers playback control.

Choirpool is on a special intro discount of 20% until the 17th, so now is a great time to add it to your collection