Cinematique Instruments arrive at Time+Space

Cinematique Instruments arrive at Time+Space

The people behind Cinematique Instruments have been composing music for feature films and documentaries, as well as producing bands and solo artists, for many years. Whatever, or whoever they’re working with they always try and use exceptional and sometimes weird instruments or sounds.

If you share their love for the unique you will find inspiration from Cinematique Instruments' sample libraries and virtual instruments to create your own music – whatever your style. Highlights include...

Ensemblia2 Percussive – A Kontakt Player instrument with a range of classical instruments combined with electronic, domestic or popular sounds. Easily create beautiful polyphonic music and rhythmic arrangements – Ensemblia can layer up to 7 instruments at the same time and gives you a quick access to a broad range of timbres and tone colours.

Vertigo Strings delivers a new approach to producing new and exciting string sections that are unique amongst a busy market of string libraries. Overall an organic sounding, rich string ensemble it's capable for producing charming pads and you can change the mood quickly to match the scene on screen.

Interval is an instrument for building inspiring pads, organic atmospheres as well as creative arpeggios. Featuring an extraordinary selection of sound sources and a unique engine to create harmonies, you can do things with it you can’t do with anything else.

Fabrique is real-time pattern module for creating complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. Whether you are either searching for the basis for a score cue or for a sophisticated add-on percussion loop, Fabrique provides almost every possibilities according to all these needs. 

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