Coming Soon - Impact Soundworks Tokyo Scoring Strings

Coming Soon - Impact Soundworks Tokyo Scoring Strings

Impact Soundworks Tokyo Scoring Strings is imminent and the first sneak preview of this much-talked about orchestral strings virtual instrument has just been released! 

Tokyo Scoring Strings is Impact Soundworks' first flagship orchestral string library and promises to deliver the distinctive orchestral string sound that can be heard in numerous acclaimed Japanese music productions.

Recorded at the Sound City Studio in Tokyo with top Japanese session string ensemble Koichiro Muroya Strings, Tokyo Scoring Strings has been a huge project for Impact Soundworks alongside anime and film composer Masaru Yokoyama and engineer Mitsunori Aizawa, not withstanding the additional challenges faced with the Covid pandemic. 

Check out the world premiere teaser below!


Impact Soundworks Tokyo Scoring Strings Key Features 

  • Five sections: Violins 1, Violins 2, Violas, Cellos, Basses, plus mini “Full Ensemble” patch
  • Five mic positions, plus one “Board Mix” with Mr. Aizawa’s signature sound
  • Articulations: sustains, vibrato, legato (bowed & slurred), portamento (bowed & slurred), staccato, staccatissimo, spiccato, tremolo, trills, rebow, pizzicato, sforzando (quarter, eighth note), decrescendo (quarter, eighth note)
  • All sections have identical articulations, dynamics, RR, and default mapping
  • Rebuilt and streamlined version of TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology) for easier articulation edits and mapping

Buy Tokyo Scoring Strings

Download Tokyo Scoring Strings from Time+Space when it's released later in 2021 - stay tuned for more details as we receive them!

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