COMING SOON: Rob Papen RoCoder & eXplorer 7

COMING SOON: Rob Papen RoCoder & eXplorer 7

Rob Papen have teased the release of their latest effects plugin RoCoder - an advanced vocoder with an additive mode, as well as announcing eXplorer 7!

Rob Papen's eXplorer bundle features their entire line of high quality synth virtual instruments and effects plugins. Along with the release of each new version of bundle, a new plugin (or two!) is added to the line and this time around it is RoCoder. The predicted release date is currently October 20th, though this could change!

The RoCoder name is very close to that of the original Vocoders given title. However, as always with - Rob Papen - products you will find that there are many new and creative features onboard, so don’t expect a regular Vocoder!

Alongside a 32-band Vocoder, RoCoder also features an Additive mode, a combined Vocoder + Additive mode, Noise mode, Tuned Noise mode, and a Tuned Comb mode!

Here are some other Rob Papen products worth checking out to get you excited for the release of RoCoder:

  • Rob Papen Blade 2 - Powerful additive synthesis plugin to easily create rich and unique sounds for many styles of music
  • Rob Papen Punch 2 - Combines sampled and synthesized drums in a high quality percussive instrument
  • Rob Papen DelSane Delay - Delay effects plug-in offering an array of insane creative possibilities

Take a look at this introduction video made by Rob that demonstrates what RoCoder can do! ETA 20th October