Create tonal and rhythmic pulses with new Umlaut Audio MOTORS

Create tonal and rhythmic pulses with new Umlaut Audio MOTORS

Umlaut Audio, the developers behind highly praised instruments including ARPS, PADS and the uBeat series, have released MOTORS - an exciting dual-layered engine designed to help you quickly produce creative-sounding breaks and backgrounds.

Ideal for TV, Film and Video Game composers, MOTORS delivers a collection of loops, pulses and cinematic rhythmic atmospheres.140 presets categorised as Clean, Complex and Experimental are included, allowing for sounds ranging from subtle through to powerful.

Mix and match any two layers in the engine – each of these layers holds a rhythmic loop with 3 inherent variations which can be mixed and matched with ease to deliver great playability and variety of sound. These layers can also be unlinked so they don´t play together opening up even more creative possibilities.

Those of you who like to dive in deeper can do so with an extensive array of modulation options as well as a powerful FX section.

Of the release, Umlaut Audio Founder Anne Juenger said, "Motors enables the creation of Pulsating Rhythms in record time. Pick a preset, tweak a few parameters and begin layering them into your composition."


  • 3 variations per loop - perfect when you want variations within the same motif
  • Unique loop legato mode: change variations on the fly with keyswitches, without interrupting the groove
  • Extensive array of modulation options via envelopes, LFOs and step sequencers
  • Works seamlessly with NKS controllers
  • Powerful FX section offering both inserts and send effects for a range of possibilities
  • Carefully designed to ease the workflow of media composers


Umlaut Audio MOTORS is available now. Click here for details