EastWest release Hollywood Choirs

EastWest release Hollywood Choirs

The epic follow-up to EastWest´s 1999´s Voices of the Apocalypse and 2005´s Symphonic Choirs has finally arrived at Time+Space!

EastWest Hollywood Choirs gives voice to a new generation of powerful cinematic vocals with unprecedented dynamics and shocking realism that unleashes a new world of choral possibilities. Hollywood Choirs includes 110 new editable pre-built WordBuilder phrases in English, German, and Latin that are exclusive to this product, and that can be quickly and effortlessly dropped into your mix or used as a starting point to create your own custom phrases.

Creating that powerful, blockbuster sound that all composers are seeking has never been easier as Hollywood Choirs will open up new 3D soundscapes that will help create incredible and emotional journeys for your audiences for many years to come.

In addition to Hollywood Choirs Gold Edition, EastWest has also released a Diamond Edition which includes a 13 microphone user-controllable setup (including a Neumann Dummy Head) designed for surround sound and virtual reality, an essential feature for film, TV, and game composers!

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