EastWest virtual instruments arrive at Time+Space!

EastWest virtual instruments arrive at Time+Space!

We are pleased to welcome EastWest and their range of premium virtual instruments to Time+Space!

EastWest have been developing software instruments since 1988 and have received a plethora of industry awards over the last (almost) 30 years! They are particularly known for their orchestral titles, each one delivering detailed collections of instruments – from brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion and more – with unprecedented control for your orchestral and cinematic music productions.

You´ll also find some excellent sound design and vocal tools, plus rare ethnic instruments, pianos, rock drums, and more.

Among EastWest´s latest releases is their MIDI Guitar Series which has been designed to take advantage of the complex and unique waveforms produced by a guitar’s vibrating strings. The five titles in the series cover a wide range of musical styles and instrument families.

To welcome EastWest to Time+Space, there´s 50% off all titles until 5th September!

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