NEWS: Exponential Audio now available on Time+Space!

NEWS: Exponential Audio now available on Time+Space!

We are excited to announce that iZotope have acquired the Exponential Audio product line! These reverbs are world-class plug-ins trusted by audio professionals in music production, post production, and sound design and will be available on Time+Space!

Award-winning audio engineers use these reverbs to help them quickly and easily bring character to musical performances, fit dialogue into scenes, mix in immersive audio formats, and create never-before-heard sound effects.

Founder and creator Michael Carnes, who worked on many of the most iconic Lexicon reverbs, brings his technical and creative expertise to these powerful and versatile reverb plug-ins. 

Exponential Audio plug-ins are fast and easy on the CPU, right out of the gate. Additionally, each plug-in monitors its own activity and shuts itself off when it's not busy. When audio starts again, so does the plug-in, without losing a sample. 

For a limited time only you can save 30% on the Exponential Audio Collection, or crossgrade from any iZotope product and save 50%!