FREE UPDATE: PreSonus Studio One 5.5

FREE UPDATE: PreSonus Studio One 5.5

Studio One 5 has received it's latest update from PreSonus, and it's packed with incredible Quality of Life features and updates so that you can create without boundaries!

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It's always exciting to see a DAW be continually updated in response to user-requests, and Studio One 5.5 packs a HUGE amount into this FREE update to Studio One and PreSonus Sphere users. If you've got Studio One 4 and haven't yet updated, then this is probably the best iteration to make the jump with! Check out our favourite new features below:

1) Track Automation on Project Page

So you're looking to export your tracks into an EP/Album etc, but they just need some really minor tweaking, or some extra pop. The Project Page now lets you fully automate controls like volume in real time using mouse or controller, but also allows you to individually adjust parameters in your plugins on the fly. Need some gentle compression and volume on that chorus to lift it a bit - now it's possible in the Project Page. I'd have killed for this feature on my last project export, I'm seriously considering going back with the latest update to really get those tracks polished.

2) Clip Gain Envelopes on Project Page

I definitely found that with more freeform music I get areas of intense loudness and quiet. By the time I get through the mastering phase sometime those dynamic shifts have been exaggerated too much, or have lost their impact. Being able to drop into sections of a track and manually fix gain issues without relying on compressors and limiters will be really helpful going forwards. With the promise of the Clip Gain Envelopes being highly accurate it opens up potential for wide track changes or removing those pesky clicks and pops that make it through.

3) Track Transform on Project Page

So you've got a whole album of songs and a load of mastering plugins chugging away to really polish them up, but your CPU is as hot as the surface of the sun and your RAM is ready to keel over... The Transform to Rendered Audio option will reversibly and non-destructively create rendered files of your mastered track, automation and plugins included, to free up your processing power without committing to your decision entirely. Think of it as a 'bounce in place' option, but for mastering.

4) Multiple format export for Digital Release

Need to get your projects out in a variety of different file formats? The multiple export saves time in rendering down all audio into the different files in a single pass. It's one of those updates that feels really good when you realise you just saved a few hours on multiple mixdowns.

5) Target Loundess on Digital Release

Navigating loudness recommendations for streaming and download platforms can be a nightmare. My first projects came out way too loud based on the recommendations I got, that's for sure... PreSonus takes the guesswork out by providing presets for every major streaming service; an absolute godsend! If you know what you're doing and want to set your own loudness and true peak targets then you can do that too, and of course you can save it to your own preset as well. Let's make better, less ear-bleedingly loud music this year, we've got no excuses now.

6) Drag and Drop MIDI files to Chord Track to extract chords

One of the coolest features for me when I switched to PreSonus Studio One was the chord track. Keeping tabs on which chords where really helps when you're looking at adding layers or writing new melodies - but I really wanted it to be a shade more automated so I didn't have to keep dropping out of my flow of writing to tab those chords in or double check my MIDI guide track. Now you can drop any .MIDI file into the chord track and it'll extract that information for you - one of the coolest adjustments to the feature in my opinion.

There's loads of other features and general Quality of Life updates to Studio One 5.5, all of which are available on the product page (click the button below). If you're already a Studio One 5 or a PreSonus Sphere user then you'll get this update for FREE! But if you're still on Studio One 4, then this is probably the iteration you want to jump to. Check out the upgrade options on the product page below!