Garritan release Abbey Road CFX Lite virtual piano

Garritan release Abbey Road CFX Lite virtual piano

Dubbed by Sound on Sound as “a musically and technically brilliant virtual Yamaha CFX”, the Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand has proved to be a hit among music producers for its realistic sound and extreme playability.

Recorded in Abbey Road Studio One by award-winning engineers using the world´s finest microphones and equipment, the nine-foot Yamaha CFX Concert Grand is characterised by a wide palette of tonal colours and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances.

Of course, such extraordinary detail makes for a heavyweight instrument - 186GB in fact(!) so Garritan has released CFX Lite - a subset of the full Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand that retains the expressive detail of the original by providing the full power of the Close Classic mic perspective. This perspective best captures the natural tonal character, clarity and nuance of the instrument.

All 20 layers of detail from the original CFX are represented, including separate sample sets for pedals-up, sustain pedal down and soft-pedalling. Furthermore, CFX Lite also adds pedalling and other features not found in the original CFX Concert Grand. These include partial and re-pedalling functionality plus more than 20 additional impulses captured from Abbey Road Studios’ legendary outboard reverb equipment.

The result is a stellar downloadable piano at a very affordable price - only £66.95.

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