Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition: Your questions answered

Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition: Your questions answered

As soon as Gothic Instruments announced the upcoming release of 'DRONAR Master Edition' it was clear that you were all eager to find out more. So much so that we decided to put together a FAQ article to answer some of the questions you had in regards to the DRONAR Master Edition.

Q: "I already own 9 Dronars and I was wondering if the Master Edition will contain all existing Dronar Kontakt libraries, or do you still need to buy them separately?"

A: The Master Edition contains the samples from all of the existing Dronar modules except Glitchscapes, so there is no need to buy 'Master Edition' versions of all the existing modules.

Q: "I have 5 modules and I was wondering if they qualify for the £99 discount -

  • Dronar Hybrid Module
  • Sculptor Epic Drops
  • Sculptor Epic Risers
  • Sculptor Live Impacts
  • Sculptor Massive Whooshes

A: Only DRONAR Modules qualify for the discount on the Master Edition so any SCULPTOR titles you own don't count. However, all Dronar modules are currently on sale so now is a great time to add some more to your arsenal and get a great price on the Master Edition.

"I have 2 Dronar Hybrid Modules and 5 Dronars. I'd purchased the Dronar Hybrid Module individually before I purchased it again as part of a bundle. Does that mean I get a 7 title discount?"

A: You get a discount for each different individual Dronar product that you own. So for example if you own the Dronar Hybrid Module because you purchased it separately and in a bundle, it would only count as 1 Dronar module.

Q: If you own the Gothic Instruments Complete Collection what do you do to get the discount price?

A: As an existing Dronar customer, if you are signed up to our newsletter, you will be sent an e-mail when Dronar Master Edition is released on September 4th with a discount code based on how many individual Dronar modules you own. Once you have your discount code you can visit our website and purchase Dronar Master Edition at your special discounted price. If you are not subscribed to receive communications from us, please contact us on or after the 4th Sept. 

Q: Hi there! I have all the DRONAR modules I want (4 of them.) Will the engine upgrade be available to individual title holders? I do not want to upgrade to the Master Edition to get the improved engine. Thanks!

A: Gothic Instruments do plan to gradually convert previous releases to the new engine, but it will be time consuming and take some months to complete. The new versions will be free for existing users and will contain the original presets, but you won't be able to load any user presets created on the old engine.

Q: I have a quick question about the upgrade pricing for the DRONAR Master Edition. Since Glitchscapes is not included in the Master Edition, does it still count as a module for calculating the upgrade price?

A: Yes, Glitchscapes will count as a DRONAR module when calculating the upgrade price.

Do you have a DRONAR Master Edition question that isn't included on this page? Please Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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