Gothic Instruments release DRONAR Glitchscapes

Gothic Instruments release DRONAR Glitchscapes

Gothic Instruments has released its 9th DRONAR module - introducing DRONAR Glitchscapes!

Strange broken glitches, soft radio atmospheres, electric pads and more combined with an award-winning engine make DRONAR Glitchscapes one of the most strangely addictive, dramatic and powerful sounding DRONAR Kontakt modules to date.

Think David Lynch movies and award winning TV series Twin Peaks – that surreal dreamlike imagery heightened by slow building, ominous and lingering background noise. Uniquely discomfiting soundscapes brimming with strange industrial humming and hissing, interrupted by odd threatening noises that can’t fail to induce incessant tension and uneasiness.

But DRONAR Glitchscapes is not just for soundtrack projects… build evocative aural landscapes for your ambient music or use the strange broken glitches to create a unique edge to electronic dance tracks. 

New to the DRONAR series! Following user feedback, DRONAR Glitchscapes is the first DRONAR module to deliver the included presets as snapshots giving you much quicker load times so you can maintain your creative flow.

There's 20% off DRONAR Glitchscapes until 12th July, and if you already own a (paid for) Gothic Instruments title you can save an extra 20% when you use code GOTHLOYA20!

Click here to view DRONAR Glitchscapes