Heavyocity NOVO: Modern Strings

Heavyocity NOVO: Modern Strings

Heavyocity release NOVO: Modern Strings - a new frontier in hybrid film, game, and television scoring. Recorded at the world-class Warner Bros. Studios, NOVO offers 40 GB of deeply-sampled, fully-customizable orchestral strings, but that's where its similarities to other orchestral virtual instruments end...

NOVO allows composers to manipulate, layer, tweak, mangle and process sounds like never before using it's deeply advanced engine; this is the most dynamic sound-shaping functionality a strings instrument has ever offered.

Enhance your creativity using Heavyocity's stunning, intuitive and unique interface that offers 3 primary pages: CYCLE, a brand new dynamic playback engine that enables you to create rhythmic pulses, swells, stutters and granular effects. MACROS, the front-and-centre control knob which can be assigned to control multiple parameters for a quick workflow. LOOPS, packed with over 400 textured, hybrid loops for ultimate rhythmic complexity.

The perfect instrument for composers, producers and musicians looking for a truly modern, unparalleled sound.

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