It's Time to update your Rob Papen B.I.T!

It's Time to update your Rob Papen B.I.T!

In the latest update of Rob Papen's B.I.T it gives you an extra 40 inspirational presets! All you have to do is download the latest version of B.I.T and the presets are all yours. 

B.I.T.  Back In Time is unlike previous Rob Papen synthesisers, instead of combining analogue modelling with hybrid synthesis, B.I.T. focuses on Analogue Modelled Synthesis. This classic analogue type of synthesis has its own charm therefore, no spectrum waveforms, or samples are inside B.I.T. it is pure ‘Analogue Modelled’ synthesis.

Although B.I.T. has no patch cables, it is modular! The Modulation Matrix is used for the patching, however, also included is the smart ‘advanced’ panel below the Oscillators. With these advanced features (accessed by switching the ADV switch), you can quickly make several connections such as LFO and Envelope to the Oscillator parameters inside of B.I.T.

With this latest enhancement by Rob Papen, it's a no brainer to get B.I.T not only are you getting the most for your money you're getting the highest quality!