New update for Rob Papen Punch 2 inc NKS compatibility

New update for Rob Papen Punch 2 inc NKS compatibility

The powerful Rob Papen Punch 2 virtual drum machine was released at the end of last year with an unsurpassed, unique feature set. It combines synthesis and samples in an exceptionally creative way with a built-in pattern sequencer to trigger beats.

Punch 2 is loaded with over 800 drum kits and thousands of top grade single drum sounds, plus, for ultimate versatility, you can load your own samples too – use REX files or slice your own loops to the pads! 

Rob Papen has just released a free new update delivering cool new features, improvements and full NKS compatibility!

What's new in Punch 2?

  • Pads now have their note name displayed, which makes it easier to track the 24 pads using your keyboard.
  • The BD synthesis models and Tom models include a menu box for setting easier the tuning in note values.
  • The FX page has a clearer display showing which of the 24 pads are playing.
  • New ‘Audition Sequencer’ mode has been added, to control the grooves, breaks, loop/slice in a sequenced way. The ‘Audition Sequencer’ can also be exported to MIDI.
  • New samples have been added. Gongs and also Tablas in the tuning of A and C.
  • New samples in the Slice folder: Tabla A, Tabla C, Small Gong loops and JoMal loops.
  • New Kit presets.
  • NI NKS compatible.

To get the update...

  • If you own Punch-2:
    Please log in to and download the latest installer for Punch-2. Run the installer on your system and this will add the new features and sounds.
    Note that there will be no activation required if the product is already activated on your computer.
  • If you own eXplorer-6:
    Please download the full installer again and run it. Since we updated many of the products inside eXplorer-6 it is wise to download the full installer instead of running only the Punch-2 installer.