iZotope release RX 6 - the industry standard audio repair software

iZotope release RX 6 - the industry standard audio repair software

iZotope has released the biggest ever update for its outstanding RX audio repair software with a host of new features designed to fix both music recording and post-production audio issues.

Highlights include...

Breathtaking new tech - solves some of the biggest issues in post-production including low-end wind rumble, lavalier mic rustle, and voice isolation.

Microphone bleed removal - a new De-bleed module that not only works on drums, but other acoustic instruments like piano, vocals, guitar, and more.

Dialogue & Vocal Repair - new repair tools designed specifically for dialogue and vocals including Mouth De-click, Breath Control, and the innovating new Spectral De-ess module.

Composite View - bring in up to 16 individual audio tracks and edit them as if they were one, easily removing audio issues that appear across multiple microphones – a huge time saver!

and more!


RX is available in four versions, each one designed to suit the needs of different users - from home musicians and podcasters right through to post-production professionals.

  • RX ELEMENTS - Includes standalone audio editor, Voice De-noise, De-click, De-hum, & De-clip. Ideal for home musicians and podcasters on a budget.
  • RX 6 STANDARD - Includes everything in RX Elements, plus Spectral repair, De-bleed module, Spectral De-ess, and Composite View. A great solution for home-based musicians and post-production studios.
  • RX 6 ADVANCED - Includes everything in RX 6 Standard, plus De-rustle, Dialogue Isolate, De-wind, and more time-saving tools. Perfect for post-production film and broadcast facilities.
  • POST PRODUCTION SUITE - Includes RX 6 Advanced, Neutron Advanced, RX Loudness Control, Insight metering suite, exclusive content and video tutorials

Click here to view the full RX product line and take advantage of introductory pricing until 31st May.

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