JUST ARRIVED! - Introducing Icebreaker Audio Kontakt instruments

JUST ARRIVED! - Introducing Icebreaker Audio Kontakt instruments

You may not have heard of Icebreaker Audio and its founder Adam Hanley, but you almost certainly know some of the brands and products he's worked on!

Adam began his career in audio software at Native Instruments where he worked on many Kontakt and Reaktor instruments, including their factory libraries. He's also been involved in the creation of many new Kontakt libraries for the likes of high profile brands including Heavyocity, Abbey Road, and Gothic Instruments.

With such impressive credits, we are excited to welcome Adam's very own Icebreaker Audio to Time+Space – a company that aims to make the sounds of rare or unique instruments accessible, as well as venturing into more experimental territory.

Libraries include...

Akebono – an authentic sample-based emulation of the rare Japanese SUIKO SK-10 Akebono Koto 'suitcase' synth

Sanjo Gayageum – a multi-sampled instrument of a traditional 12-string Korean zither.

Toybreaker – sample-based recreations of 3 different 1980's toy keyboards - perfect for retro digital goodness!

"The aim of these instruments was to present sounds that aren't easy to find. The focus was to sample the sounds in a clean and pure form, and then present them in a Kontakt instrument that allows you to experience the idiosyncrasies of the originals" says Adam.

"For example in the Toybreaker library the lo-fi digital envelopes were recreated from scratch using Kontakt scripts rather than relying on Kontakt's built-in envelopes; and in the Gayageum and Akebono instruments the default MIDI pitch-bend behaviour had to be overridden to better mimic the originals.

Some extra effects and features have been added in order to enhance these instruments - the goal is to keep these authentic, but also enjoyable to play."

We think these tools are tons of fun – quick to learn, easy to use and brilliant value for money.