JUST ARRIVED - Slate Digital FX plug-ins now available at Time+Space!

JUST ARRIVED - Slate Digital FX plug-ins now available at Time+Space!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Slate Digital to Time+Space with their high quality and affordable effects plugins!

Here at T+S, we meticulously check all products from a new brand to ensure you are buying a high quality product for your music productions and, in the case of Slate Digital effects plug-ins, they fit the bill perfectly!

Some of our favourites include...

Slate FG-2A Compressor adds incredible warmth and tone to your tracks within seconds. Slate Digital spent over a year measuring, analyzing, and obsessing over every aspect of the 2A. From its characteristic saturation to the magic of the T4 optical attenuator to the signature release response — no expense was spared. There are lots of 2A plugins out there—no one gets it right. With saturation that’s peak-for-peak accurate to the original hardware, nobody else comes close to FG-2A.

Slate Repeater Delay features 23 authentic emulations of classic delay machines ranging from classic oil cans and tape machines to vintage digital designs – it’s packed with sounds and new features that will add depth to your mixes, and it comes with a user interface that’s immediately easy to understand and tweak.

Slate FG-Bomber is a unique analog-modeled Dynamic Impact Enhancer, and it can give your tracks and mixes more impact, authority, and excitement. It has the ability to make the elements of your mix ‘extrude’ from the speakers, adding a front-to-back depth that always translates, even to small speaker systems.

Head on over to the Slate Digital collection now to see the full range!