JUST ARRIVED! Welcome Audio Modeling virtual instruments to Time+Space!

JUST ARRIVED! Welcome Audio Modeling virtual instruments to Time+Space!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Audio Modeling to Time+Space with their highly expressive and realistic multi-vector acoustic virtual instruments!

Audio Modeling is a global leader in multi-vector expressive acoustic instrument emulation with a focus primarily on instruments such as woodwinds, brass, and strings – ie those that offer continuous input and control by the musician on several dimensions at the same time. 

SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) is a new-generation technology that enables musicians, performers, and composers to expand their creativity, overcoming the classic limitations of traditional samplers.

The SWAM engine combines concepts of Physical Modeling and Behavioural Modeling with the Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample-Morphing technique. This technology allows you to control the dynamics (and loads of other expressions) of each instrument with a continuous parameter on your MIDI keyboard or keyboard pedal – a unique ability amongst today's virtual instruments! 

Here are some of their products we'd recommend taking a look at:

Audio Modeling SWAM Clarinets are real-time controllable via a MIDI controller and do not require any Giga-sized pre-recorded libraries, but only the smallest footprint to create the perfect organic consistency resulting from the endless expressive parameters that are unique of every live performance.

Audio Modeling SWAM Violin is the most realistic, real-time controllable, expressive virtual violin on the market. The SWAM-S technology guarantees the same natural reactions as a real instrument! Because SWAM Violin is based on physical modeling it is possible to control the main mechanical variables in real time. For example, the velocity controls the attack of the sound and the portamento time, as well when playing legato. The Mod Wheel can control the vibrato and any foot pedal can be assigned to the expression. There is no limit to the number of possible combinations!

Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Brass Bundle includes SWAM Trumpets, SWAM Trombones and SWAM Horns and Tubas, all developed by Audio Modeling using a combination of innovative performance techniques and concepts of Physical and Behavioural Modeling with the Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample-Morphing technique.

Audio Modeling Camelot 2.0 is a live performance tool that breaks entirely new ground. It's cross-platform (Mac OS, Win, iOS) and connects several hardware and software instruments via MIDI into a live performance setup. Manage all your hardware instruments, software plug-ins, and external devices in one place.

Check out the video below showing the full capabilities of the SWAM engine and how it compares with more traditional sample instruments.