Just Released: AAS Stranger Strings Sound Bank

Just Released: AAS Stranger Strings Sound Bank

While you've been busy making the most of the huge AAS 50% Anniversary Sale, as after all why wouldn't you, AAS have been busy working on their latest release 'Stranger Strings'.

Stranger Strings marks the first collaboration between Applied Acoustic Systems and acclaimed Italian sound-designer David of MixbusTV.

David does not only host one of the most highly regarded and trusted YouTube channels in the music production industry, but also is a platinum mix and mastering engineer with a past as professional musician, songwriter, and arranger. Now, with this sound pack, he shares his creativity and ideas for modern producers.

The sound pack is designed for use with AAS' String Studio VS-2 software, although it can also work as a piece of standalone software thanks to the free AAS player included in your purchase!

With plenty of arpeggiators, leads, deep basses, or one- shot sound effects, layering your tracks with Stranger Strings brings a fresh air to your music. As the main voice on your mix or as rhythmic textures, Stranger Strings can be the finishing touch you're after...

Until 10th September, AAS Stranger Strings is part of the AAS half price anniversary sale!

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