Just Released: Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ

Just Released: Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ

Soundiron are showing that they don't have any intention of slowing down this summer as they've announced the release of another new sample library!

Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ is a Rodgers steel and wooden pipe-electric hybrid organ recorded at the Lakeside Temple Of Practical Christianity in Oakland, California, with organist Don Sears.

For the recording Soundiron captured 6 primary stops to span a wide tonal and dynamic range: Wooden flute stops 1 & 2, Steel Pipe stops 3, 4 & 5 and the bass foot pedal board. You can solo individual stops, use the stop mixer panel to customise your mix, or smoothly blend between them.

The combination of these 6 different stops at various volumes allows for a dramatically wide range of tones. This ensures that Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ doesn't loose out in the versatility department, and presents itself as a nice little addition to many a producer's setup.

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