Just Released: Toontrack Hard Rock EZX

Just Released: Toontrack Hard Rock EZX

Toontrack's EZDrummer 2 is one of the best selling drum plugins of all time, and for good reason. Never before had injecting top-quality drums straight into your track been so easy or rewarding. Ever since its release Toontrack have been carefully crafting expansion after expansion using only the very best drummers and equipment to ensure EZdrummer retains its place at the top of the drum plug-in food chain.

And no EZXs epitomise Toontrack's approach to development more than their latest release 'Hard Rock'. 

Together with Bob Rock - the creative mind behind the sound of Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith and many, many more, they crafted two brilliant new kits fundamentally different in their individual tones. The custom Gretsch, with its brittle and direct attack, is ideal for use in more modern productions while the classic three-ply Ludwig, with its complex, dark and warm timbre, is the perfect choice in mixes of a more vintage and ambient nature.

You also get a ton of extra cymbals, snares and kicks to craft your own hybrid kit, plus mix ready presets encompassing a wide tonal range and mix of styles.

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Not already an EZdrummer 2 user? Don't panic, buy EZdrummer 2 today and you'll get to pick an EZX from a wide range of options to have for free! That includes this new Hard Rock EZX plus you'll also get double T+S loyalty points!

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