NAMM 2019 - EastWest announce Hollywood Pop Brass & Voices of Opera

NAMM 2019 - EastWest announce Hollywood Pop Brass & Voices of Opera

EastWest have finally revealed what they've been hiding up their sleeves at NAMM 2019 - the upcoming release of two new titles!

The first is Hollywood Pop Brass. Hollywood Pop Brass features a 4 or 5 piece ensemble that includes two trumpets, trombone, tenor, alto, and baritone saxes. It not only includes incredible sounding multi-sampled ensemble sections recorded in the famous Studio 1 at EastWest Studios; it also includes dozens of stylised phrases in multiple keys recorded in Studio 2, a favourite of many Latin artists going all the way back to Tijuana Brass by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. These phrases will blow you away with how easily they slide right into your track and cover many genres from pure pop to rock, funk, soul, and many distinctive rhythms and melodies from the Latin world.

The second is Voices of Opera; a brand-new virtual instrument featuring the sensational vocals of soprano Larisa Martinez (Andrea Bocelli) and tenor Carlton Moe (Phantom of the Opera). Voices of Opera is perfect for any composer looking to add a pristine operatic sound and fits in perfectly with EastWest's recent slate of award-winning vocal products Hollywood Choirs, Voices of the Empire, and Voices of Soul.

EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass & Voices of Opera are due for release in March.