NEW! DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres from Gothic Instruments

NEW! DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres from Gothic Instruments

Dark, haunting, mysterious... new DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres is the fifth module in Gothic Instruments’ series of atmosphere creation tools for Kontakt and this time the focus is on the FX dial thanks to the imagination and incredible sound design skills of Alessandro Camnasio. 

The FX in this collection will make you feel cold, tense and inextricably uncomfortable. They are the perfect ingredients for creating evocative musical soundscapes and atmospheric pads to emotionally charge your next modern cinematic production – from mystery and horror to sci-fi and thriller genres.

Dark echoing winds, deep rumbles, anxiety-inducing atmospheres... coupled with DRONAR’s dashboards of easy-to-use controls and effects, these sounds are heavily customisable to meet the needs of your project - from simple and subtle to complex and noisy. What´s more, fascinating tuneful presets created by guest composers will give you an instant starting point.

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