NEW! EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition

NEW! EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition

After much waiting and anticipation we're very pleased to announce that EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition is available now!

The culmination of years of recording and programming, EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition sets the new industry standard for orchestral virtual instruments with brand new recordings, original content, powerful new features and a completely reimagined software engine. 

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Key Features

  • Achieve that magical Hollywood sound quickly and effortlessly
  • Brand new pristine recordings and reimagined original content
  • Available in Gold (single mic position) and Diamond (all mic positions) versions
  • Includes Opus Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Solo Violin, Solo Cello and Harp
  • Housed in the new revolutionary OPUS software engine
  • Powerful new controls
  • New MOODS feature for customising the sound of each instrument (Diamond version)
  • Includes all new interfaces that change colour depending on the MOOD selected
  • Includes Orchestrator, an innovative scoring engine for easily producing basic string arrangements to complex orchestrations.
  • Orchestrator has over 400 customizable presets for instant results
  • and much more!

Buy and own Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition from Time+Space today - there's $100 off each version until 20th June 2021!

Or access it with ComposerCloud X or Composer Cloud Plus from just £169 for a year's subscription. Composer Cloud X comes with two microphone positions, and Composer Cloud Plus contains all microphone positions.