New from Zero-G – introducing Ethera EVI electro virtual instrument

New from Zero-G – introducing Ethera EVI electro virtual instrument

The Ethera series has become one of Zero-G's most popular line of instruments, featuring the stunning vocals of Clara Sorace and a host of additional sounds and instruments tailored towards cinematic productions. 

New Ethera EVI takes the series to a whole new level focusing on both cinematic and electronic music plus sound design with the inclusion of four main instruments...

Vocal True Legato Instrument - based on up to 4 layers of sound and  the most authentic legato Vocal instrument now on the market. 

Vocal Phrases Instrument – provides over 1GB and 1200 individual phrases of authentic inspirational live vocal performance

Vocal Builder – a set of samples programmed to act as an intelligent entity allowing the composer to live-play a vocal sequence or chord with different vocal articulations

Synth – a powerful wavetable synth created by sampling some of the best hardware synths, several sound field recordings and a whole range of organic sounds, acoustic instruments, and human voices. Contains over 850 presets including 100 Multis and also a multisampled 1928 Acoustic FELT Piano.

In addition to the instruments, Ethera EVI is loaded with bass, horns, drums, acoustic instruments, textures, ambient sounds and more.

Ethera EVI is available now, if you already own an Ethera title use code 'ETHLOYA20' at the checkout to get 20% off!

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