NEW Heavyocity NOVO Intimate Textures

NEW Heavyocity NOVO Intimate Textures

Heavyocity has released Intimate Textures, a new small ensemble strings virtual instrument, and the first instalment in their NOVO Packs line - you don´t need NOVO to use this library and it works with the free Kontakt Player!

Intimate Textures combines the lush and textural beauty of the violin, viola, and cello chamber string ensembles with Heavyocity´s signature hybrid sound design proficiency, to deliver a truly inspirational palette of cinematic orchestral textures.

Featuring creative extended techniques like vibrato waves and octave pulses, plus more traditional extended articulations like sul tasto and sul ponticello, Intimate Textures empowers composers to create unique orchestral landscapes in an entirely new way.

Add in the award-winning NOVO engine, and Intimate Textures delivers an unparalleled package -- stunning source material, advanced processing capabilities, and a powerfully intuitive workflow.

Intimate Textures is available now with an introductory discount of 20%. Click here for details

Intimate Textures is also available for FREE if you buy NOVO: Modern Strings by 31st October 2017.