New Kontakt instrument: Sound Dust Prepared Pianet

New Kontakt instrument: Sound Dust Prepared Pianet

Sound Dust, (the brainchild of composer Pendle Poucher), has released Prepared Pianet for Kontakt.

Having poked, prodded and pampered a lovely old Hohner Pianet T, this "self-contained orchestra of the surreal" offers superb standard electric pianos and heavily processed tines. Stratospheric pads are under-laid with electronic tweets and chatter, whilst lower down the scale, a muted piano becomes an unstable electro bass.

Prepared Pianet incorporates three instrument sets – acoustic, muted and amped – with each set featuring a number of fully tweakable sounds which can be edited, blended together and given the full Sound Dust treatment to create your own unique Prepared Pianet.

Whacked out opportunities abound, from evolving electronics, snappy acoustics and indescribable musical tones and frequencies!

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