New! Meditation from Impact Soundworks

New! Meditation from Impact Soundworks

Impact Soundworks has released Meditation – an inspiring collection of acoustic mallet, gong, and glass sounds combined with a revolutionary Kontakt-based additive synthesizer.

With both easy tweaking and advanced modulation design tools, you can create an endless variety of evolving and subtle tones, perfect for scoring, ambient and atmospheric music.

Whether you need harsh, dissonant textures, smooth evolving sounds, morphing plucked beds, subtle resonant strikes, or anything in between, Meditation is a perfect addition to your set-up and you don´t need to be an additive synthesis expert to produce beautiful sounds for your music.

Features and Content

  • 21 acoustic sound sources
  • Glass, mallets, gongs, and found sounds
  • Sine, saw, and square waveforms
  • High fidelity synth sampling
  • Over 2,500 samples included total
  • Revolutionary additive synthesis in Kontakt
  • Up to 24 partials with per-partial pan/volume
  • Inharmonicity controls and intelligent randomizer
  • 64-slot modulation matrix
  • Digital and analogue-modelled FX

Impact Soundworks Meditation is available now for just £42.50.

Requires full version Kontakt software. Click here for details