NEW ARRIVAL! Introducing Sonic Atoms...

NEW ARRIVAL! Introducing Sonic Atoms...

We're very excited to welcome Sonic Atoms' line of organic sample libraries geared towards film and game scoring to our product range!

Sonic Atoms are a new music software developer who produce creative tools for composers and music producers. They kicked things off a couple of months ago with 'Baltic Shimmers' for the free HALion Sonic SE plugin and we're pleased to announce the release today of Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition a version created especially for Spectrasonics incredibly versatile 'power synth'.

Let's take a closer look...

Baltic Shimmers

Inspired by the mysterious, vast yet beautiful nature of the sea, Baltic Shimmers offers an incredibly expressive collection of ambient sounds made from organic sources such as the sea, birds, and acoustic / electric musical instruments.

Baltic Shimmers comes with a custom GUI built for Steinberg's free HALion Sonic SE plugin, which offers easy customisation, navigation and manipulation. The instrument has 3 types of sounds: Shimmers, Pads and Drones which each have their own unique function and GUI page.

Shimmer type has 3 stages which can morph from static, through wave into foam or as Sonic Atoms like to call it “shimmer”. Pad type on the other hand is more traditional but built from 3 atoms. Every atom is a unique sound. Atom 1 and 2 is always a long textured played forward or backwards, while atom 3 is a sea noise which is always triggered on key release.

Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition

This new edition of Baltic Shimmers ships with 144 patches and 144 sound sources for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. They can be layered, mixed and manipulated all from within the engine, allowing you to instantly create exciting new custom presets of your own. The library is divided into 3 categories: Shimmers, Pads and Drones which all come from the original Baltic Shimmers sample library.

To get the absolute most out of Baltic Shimmers, you can purchase a specially-priced bundle which combines the original HALion version and the Omnisphere Edition for only £44.95.

Find more information and audio demos on the product pages, or take a look at the videos below.