Softube announce multiple new releases

Softube announce multiple new releases

When it comes to effects plugins you'll be hard-pushed to do better than Swedish supremes Softube. Whether it's flangers, compressors, amps, transient shapers, or tape delays Softube have you covered.

And, as if their huge Summer sale wasn't enough, Softube are spoiling us even more with the release of four new titles!

Here are the new releases that you can pick up from the Time+Space store today... 

Softube American Class A

Gut-busting drums. Crackling, searing, face-melting guitars. Meaty, punching bass. Rich, up-front vocals. Wide-open, airy, living electronics. If you will it, it is no dream with the American Class A.

Based on the greatest classics of American mixing console hardware, this channel strip is fast and easy to work with, and brings a truckload of character to the party.

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Softube Modular Clouds

In the world of modular synthesis there are certain names that command veneration and respect; Moog, Buchla, Doepfer, Serge; but there are others that inspire the kind of fizzing delight and excitement that simply won’t leave you alone until you’ve filled your bedroom and half the hallway too.

Mutable Instruments have been making Eurorack modules in that latter category for almost a decade, and now Clouds — the texturising module which sold like crazy in hardware and became a firm favourite of enthusiasts around the world — is available for Modular.

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Softube OTO Biscuit

The OTO Biscuit 8-bit effects plug-in, originally developed for the UAD-2 platform, is now available natively as a Softube plug-in.

Initially introduced in hardware in the late 00’s, the French-made OTO Biscuit quickly became a cult classic with DJs and electronic music producers around the world. Gritty bit-crushing, lo-fi multi-effects, a sweet and smooth analog filter, and a quality look and feel, made it a go-to awesome-sound-maker in clubs and studios alike.

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Softube Weiss Compressor Limiter

The name Weiss is synonymous with quality in mastering, and a truly exceptional compressor/limiter is essential to any serious mastering engineer.

The Weiss DS1-MK3 digital dynamics processor is the top-of-the-line go-to for a huge proportion of the world’s greatest mastering gurus, and for the Weiss Compressor/Limiter, we draw on its essence (and code-base) to bring a totally focused and fit-for-purpose modern answer to the question ‘how should I deal with dynamics on my mix bus?’

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