NEW RELEASE: Toontrack SDX: Legacy of Rock

NEW RELEASE: Toontrack SDX: Legacy of Rock

Toontrack's Legacy of Rock SDX offers a broad, handpicked collection of drums captured by a true studio legend – Eddie Kramer! 

The Legacy of Rock SDX by Toontrack is the latest expansion for their incredible Superior Drummer 3 drum production powerhouse. 

A true homage to classic rock, Legacy of Rock zones in on the formative years of legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer - the man behind music icons such as Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix and many more. 

From the buzzing sixties London scene through to the seventies, Eddie Kramer's Legacy of Rock SDX includes 
five drum kits, each sourced and tailored to mirror a significant era or sound in Kramer’s remarkable career.

All drums were recorded in Kramer’s studio of choice – Studio 1 at AIR in London, and captured through signal chains of vintage microphones as well as handpicked, rare and custom equipment scouted specifically for these sessions.

Make your own dent in rock history with this incredible collection of drums and the priceless experience and knowledge of true rock royalty! 

Legacy of Rock SDX Feature Spotlight 

  • Five full kits
  • Three extra kicks, six snares and wide variety of cymbals
  • Includes two timpani and 36′′ and 60′′ gongs
  • Select kits include brushes, mallets and hand/finger samples
  • Recorded with an additional five room microphones for playback in stereo or up to 5.1 systems.
  • Custom presets engineered by Eddie Kramer
  • Includes a selection of drum MIDI inspired by classic songs from Eddie’s discography.