NEW RELEASE: Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle

NEW RELEASE: Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle

The Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle contains drumatom² (including drumatom Player which is now a free companion plug-in) and Beatformer. Accusonus decided to bundle these two products together after various bits of feedback they received from different mixing engineers. They use Beatformer for mixing/buss processing on real drums beside purely electronic drum kits.

Key Features: Beatformer

  • 4 intuitive controls - Boom, Punch, Squash and Air
  • fine tune or fully transform your beats with a turn of a dial
  • Over 12 different processors to allow you to breath new life into your beat

Key Features: drumatom²

  • Fix poorly recorded drums
  • Create headroom for the rest of your mix
  • Preserve low-level signals, such as ghost notes in a snare track
  • Polish your sound by performing deeper individual processing on drum tracks
  • Achieve authentic results
  • Build your own unique sound signature

With an introductory 50% off the bundle price till Nov 6th.