NEW RELEASE: Audiomodern Opacity II

NEW RELEASE: Audiomodern Opacity II

Audiomodern Opacity II Boutique Cinematic Guitars follows on from the hugely successful first Opacity with a new engine, more sessions and performance mode...

Audiomodern Opacity II for the free Kontakt Player provides deeply manipulable guitar sounds that are endlessly diverse and expressive, not to mention very easy to create. 

From nice and rich atmospheres, to percussive rhythms, beautiful harmonics, lead licks, phrases, sequence loops, ensembles, and shimmering stretched out atmospheres.

This incredible-sounding and versatile package will work wonders across film, TV, sound design, games, trailers, ambient tracks and many other styles of music.

Opacity II Key Features: 

  • Optimised Functionality & Multi-Genre versatility
  • 5.6 Total Gb of sounds (Compressed to 3.69 Gb using NCW Lossless format)
  • Rearrange into an endless number of configurations.
  • Individual Effect Chain for each Group.
  • 14 Complete Sessions & more than 800 Loop performances.
  • Custom convolution reverb impulse engine.

Take advantage of the introductory 20% off until 6th December!