NEW RELEASE: Audiomodern Riffer

NEW RELEASE: Audiomodern Riffer

Ever get days where you're just sat staring at your DAW desperately trying to muster enough creativity to come up with melody ideas for the next part of your project? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a piece of software that could do that for you...

Introducing Audiomodern Riffer, a brand new MIDI sequencer that generates random riffs for both your software and compatible hardware! You set the parameters like pitch, duration, volume etc. and sit back and relax while Riffer takes care of the rest! 

You can then edit the MIDI data, or just drag and drop it straight into your workflow!

Don't waste time banging your head against a wall trying to come up with new riff ideas. Let Audiomodern Riffer take up the reins while you spend that time enjoying your new found productivity!

Buy today and save 20%!