NEW RELEASE: Best Service Boutique Drums Medusa

NEW RELEASE: Best Service Boutique Drums Medusa

Best Service's first release of 2020 is an epic, cinematic & modern sounding ensemble drum library. Boutique Drums Medusa features an arsenal of punchy drums and percussion perfect for trailer, game and TV sound design! 

Find toms, kicks, snares, hats, crashes, cymbals, tambourines and more in this library of massive production-ready drums. Within Medusa, you also have four "baked-in" mix presets: Hermes, Centaur, Zeus and Gorgon, each one offering a different tone and focus of sound.

Other patches include The Pulses patch, offering a collection of live hybrid rhythms meant to act as detailed background layers, and the Concussion Hits patch, comprised of 49 unique, aggressively-processed hits designed for the purpose of beefing up your low-end!

Boutique Drums Medusa Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Concussion Hits patch for massive accents and low-end support
  • The Pulses patch with crossfade-able live hybrid rhythms
  • Arsenal of production-ready, playable sound design patches
  • Groove Speed Control (Half / Normal / Double)
  • Live eighth-note hi-hat grooves recorded at 90/120/140 BPM that sync to your DAW's tempo

Up until 27th Jan there's an intro discount of 37% off - be sure not to miss out!