NEW RELEASE! - Best Service The Orchestra Complete 2

NEW RELEASE! - Best Service The Orchestra Complete 2

Best Service and Sonuscore have released The Orchestra Complete 2 with stacks of new sounds and features...

Best Service and Sonuscore's The Orchestra has received phenomenal acclaim since its release largely due to its ability to create large scale orchestral music so quickly and easily.

Now, the developers have released The Orchestra Complete 2 with powerful new features, new instruments and new presets including the brand new TO Horns of Hell which is also available as a standalone product for the free Kontakt Player...

  • New Horns of Hell - 65+ expressive brass articulations and 120 incredible presets.
  • Strings of Winter - 60 string articulations, two new ethnic string sections and more
  • 150+ additional presets making a total of 475 playable orchestrations and patterns.
  • Revised preset browser making finding the right preset for your mood or preferred style easier than ever
  • MIDI export for endless possibilities
  • And even more user-requested features!

Immediately playable. Completely customizable. Surprisingly simple.

The Orchestra Complete 2 is available now with a range of great value upgrade and crossgrade options.