NEW RELEASE: Boom Library Cinematic Metal Titan

NEW RELEASE: Boom Library Cinematic Metal Titan

Exciting news from Boom Library as they release yet another fantastic sound design-heavy sample library. Cinematic Metal Titan features recordings of an extensive multitude of different metal objects in different sizes, which the team at Boom Library have collected with different surfaces and captured their unique sonic behaviour as detailed as possible.

Each impact, each scratch, each scrape is available for you in HD audio to shape some massive metal impacts or use it to spice up metal foley like robotics, machines and heavy mechs. Available as 3 different products: Designed, Construction Kit, or as a Bundle which will save you some cash!

What's so special about this library?

The world of film and trailers is an ever-shifting, developing and evolving one. BOOM Library don’t only aim to keep up with the latest trends, but to plant new ideas, create fresh material and set higher standards.

This library is the result of passionate dedication to what Boom Library enjoy most: Going all out on the quest for sounds that yield big BOOM satisfaction. Taking the concept of Cinematic Metal to the next level, they designed and processed their recordings until a new being emerged. This slightly abstract quality – large, monstrous and beyond metallic – is how the library came by its name CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN.

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