NEW RELEASE: Boom Library Urban Explosions

NEW RELEASE: Boom Library Urban Explosions

When a developer has the word 'boom' in their name, you can be sure that their first dedicated explosions sound effects library is going to sound incredible! Plus when you take into consideration the fact that Boom Library teamed up with the sound department of EA DICE for the recording, you can be sure that you're going to be left with only the very best explosion sound effects.

With three different variants to suit your exact needs you don't have to sacrifice versatility for quality.

The 'Construction Kits' variant contains all of the individual stems from each microphone for the various recordings. This gives you space to be able to edit and mix the recording stems to your liking.

As the name suggests the 'Designed' variant contains 672 ready-to-use explosion sound FX all separated into various categories. This saves you huge amounts of time on editing the sounds, and allows you to maintain a efficient and effective workflow.

Want the best of both worlds? Pick up the bundle which gives you the full sound design power as it contains both the 'Designed' and 'Construction Kits' variants at a discounted price.