NEW RELEASE: Chris Hein Orchestra Complete

NEW RELEASE: Chris Hein Orchestra Complete

Best Service and Chris Hein have brought together all of their amazing orchestral instruments to bring you a spectacular bundle.

For the ultimate in symphonic realism, this exceptional bundle features solo and ensemble strings, brass and woodwinds ready to take your orchestral productions beyond the box. All of these orchestral libraries were created with one thing in mind - playability. Whether you prefer to play right out of the box or spend your time crafting the perfect combination of articulation, note head and reverb, you’ll find what you need within Chris Hein Orchestra Complete.

Chris Hein’s groundbreaking phase-align technique achieves articulations that are clean of phasing and volume bumps as you move through the dynamic layers. So if you need powerful crescendi or flowing legato lines you won’t hear any audio artefacts - the transitions are completely smooth.

This bundle brings together the 4 Chris Hein titles: 

Chris Hein Orchestral Winds With over 30GB of sample content, 14 articulations and up to 8 dynamic layers these woodwinds shine in the mix, the most detailed sample collection on the planet.

Solo Strings EXtended Violins, Violas, Celli and Basses that can take on any style from romantic leads to string quartets, gipsy and jazz.

Ensemble Strings takes string sampling to the next level. Two full ensembles, full and small, cover all individual instrument ensembles plus combined patches for fully playable string sections.

Orchestral Brass EXtended is entirely comprehensive - a massive source of trumpets, trombones and french horns and even f-tuba, sousaphone, euphonium and ensemble groups. The articulation range is staggering - not to mention five different kinds of mutes.