NEW RELEASE! Cinematic FX EZmix Pack - Effects for Epic Death

NEW RELEASE! Cinematic FX EZmix Pack - Effects for Epic Death

Scoring for film and motion media is about accentuating emotion, painting backdrops of sound that punctuate plots and about making transitions that range from the seamless to the brutally unexpected. Most importantly, though, it’s about using sound as a storyteller. This collection of presets is for that – and much, much more. Don’t let the title fool you – embrace the wider meaning, throw yourself out into the bottomless atmosphere and start creating!

Cinematic. Surrealistic, epic, visual, theatrical, film, poetic, artistic. The synonyms are many and all equally descriptive of the end goal with this collection of presets for EZmix 2. The Cinematic EZmix Pack pushes the complex network of effects in EZmix 2 to its limit to deliver the broadest possible creative canvas for atmospheric, ambient, abstract and visceral mixing. Expect phased filters, ambient reverbs, surging echoes, and the most outrageous textures thereof, intertwined in this collection of 50 one of a kind presets for any instrument, application or style imaginable.


  • 50 signal chain presets for EZmix 2
  • For anything from soundscapes, scores and creative sound design to ambient, modern pop productions
  • Designed for a broad, non-instrument specific use
  • Incorporates the complex EZmix 2 network of effects
  • Presets based on phasers, filters, EQs, reverbs, delays, choruses, distortion, wideners and more