NEW RELEASE - Cinematique Instruments Colors Guitar Pedals

NEW RELEASE - Cinematique Instruments Colors Guitar Pedals

Cinematique Instruments increase their palette of sound and release Colors Guitar Pedals

Colors Guitar Pedals is an exciting collection of guitar sounds, all created with a large collection of guitar pedals. And they've used them all. Old Roland tape delays, modern glitch-stutter sampler, bitcrushers, granular cloud systems, crude overdrives and swarm delays. However you look at it, it has its own unique sound - just guitars.

What is Cinematique Instruments COLORS?

COLORS is a unique tool that opens the way for you to create modern pads and textures with lots of movement and variations. With the exquisite preset color box offering presets sorted by color only, you'll have a huge selection of timbres in no time. But of course you can also build your own sound from scratch.

COLORS will initially be available in five different versions, all based on the same engine. Each version is fed with individual sound sources and shaped by its own character and approach....

Score Tensed : (Find it here): delves into the world of suspense, creepiness, horror to soundlessness.

Score Tranquil (Find it here): creates soft, modern and poppy pads for background, ambient, hip hop or scores.

Guitar & Pedals (This title): A unit peppered with sounds created only with guitar and FX pedals.

Lofi Taped (Coming Soon): Get the vintage and odd feel of tape machines and its own world.

Vintage Synth (Coming Soon): Cinematique Instruments put all they could find in there and its authentic and astonishing.