New Release: Cinematique Instruments Melt

New Release: Cinematique Instruments Melt

It seems like many of you are big fans of Cinematique Instruments' titles judging by the rate at which they've been selling since their arrival at T+S earlier this month!

Cinematique Instruments 'Melt' is a brand new sample library which enables you to blend between 4 beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and create unique, interesting and inspiring sounds.

Melt´s sound sources come from different areas, categorised as Pure, Floating, Organic, Field Recording and Granular. It also contains numerous sounds and instruments from Cinematique Instruments' own library such as organs, synths, e-pianos, pads, field recordings, sounds created by granular synthesis and freeze functions, and more.

The main feature of Melt is the XY pad - each of the four corners can be loaded with a separate sound source/ layer, which can then be individually shaped by nine different effects such as filters, distortion, phaser, reverb and delay.

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